Targeted Compression

BSc (Body Science Compression) targeted compression is a science that takes into account knowledge of muscle shapes and their functions allowing the design of the most advanced compression garment on the market today.

The art behind BSc (Body Science Compression) targeted compression garments lies in its patent pending ten panel design enabling unprecedented muscle support and graded compression to the entire leg group.

The result of any running based sport often comes down to who's able to last the longest. Your ability to continually and forcefully contract leg whiles fighting of is paramount for athletic success. This is where targeted compression gives you an unfair advantage. The custom designed seams and panels of BSc Targeted compression Garment encloses each region like a muscle sheath providing strength, support, improved circulation and greater joint awareness to targeted muscle groups. As a consequence of these physiological variables independent research has shown targeted compression to increase VO2max by up to 10% and anaerobic threshold by up to 40%. These two fitness characteristics are highly correlated to success in running sports ultimately giving you a significant competitive advantage for running athletes.

These results also coincided with research findings that athletes utilizing graded compression over their lower limbs during running may enhance circulation and decrease muscle oscillation to promote lower energy expenditure at a given submaximal speed. Greater efficiency corresponds to reduced fatigue which is of obvious benefit to any running athlete wanting to go that little bit longer. Research also suggests that Graded compression also has a positive influence on blood lactate concentrations. Blood lactate is a by product of anaerobic muscle metabolism. High muscle and blood lactic acid concentrations can present a challenge to the body's ability to maintain pH within the narrow physiological range. This in turn can negatively impact the force generating capacity of the muscle which results in the early onset of fatigue. Ultimately Targeted compression could be the difference between you being first or second. Train, play, and recover with BSc targeted compression.

Explosive muscular power is of key importance to performing a wide array of exercises. Knowledge of the importance of this athletic component has led to the unique targeted compression design that enhances power by targeting specific muscle groups via panels and seams so compression is applied across the whole targeted muscle groups. Independent research in track and field athletes has reported a 5.2% increase in maximal vertical jump height by simply wearing the targeted compression garments, so how does this athletic phenomenon take place?

The art behind targeted compression increasing power relies on two central principles, the stretch shortening cycle of muscles and enhanced neuromuscular recruitment of dynamic muscles. The first mechanism in power gains of targeted compression relies on a scientific anatomical design that positions panels and seams to enhance the stretch shortening cycle of muscles. Panels and seams are positioned in unison with muscles and tendons; this enables the garment to act as an elastic band that has stored potential energy. Therefore the compression garments under stretch can then be used to promote power levels. This fabric phenomenon facilitates the stretch shortening cycle ultimately enhancing your explosive power.

A second potential mechanism in targeted compressions ability to increase power is related to neuromuscular recruitment. Targeted compression allows an enhancement of proprioception and a reduction in muscle oscillation the likes which have never been seen in any compression garment on the market. Improved spatial awareness and reduced muscular oscillation enables a superior neuromuscular recruitment pattern resulting in more explosive and efficient muscular contractions. Train, play, and recover with BSc targeted compression.

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