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Marcoliani Milano

Macoliani Milano has been creating luxury Italian socks since 1947. All Marcoliani socks contain premium quality materials, including merino wool, cashmere, and pima cotton. Marcoliani Milano makes new things in a new way, as well as they have made them for years. Online customers can sort through fine Men's Macoliani Milano socks in an assortment of colors and patterns at

Learn more about premium sock materials and Macoliani Milano Blog. Wrap your feet in Italian luxury socks from Macoliani Milano.

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Marcoliani Milano Socks at TheShoeMart

Marcoliani Milano Heritage

Marcoliani Milano has been manufacturing luxury Italian socks since the 1950’s. In 1947, Giuseppe Gatti started growing silk worms in his attic and sold the cocoons to the Brianza’s silk mills. Giuseppe found a job in sock manufacturing where he learned his new profession and developed a passion for all things beautiful and well done. A few years later, Giuseppe founded "Calzificio Italiano". In the year 2000, the Gatti children decided not to relocate production in low-cost countries in order to stay true to the Lombardy area of their family and created their own brand, Marcoliani Milano. The brand name 'Marcoliani' celebrates a crucial step in the history of the family business. In the 1940s one of Giuseppe Gatti's friends, whose nickname was Marculian, found Giuseppe his first job in a sock manufacturer. While still a family business, Marcoliani is a modern company that combines advanced managerial culture with a genuine bond to its territory and an authentic passion for its products.

Marcoliani Milano Sock Materials

The quality of Marcoliani socks comes, first of all, from the choice of fine and superior yarns.

Pima Cotton Socks

Pima Cotton is the only cotton used by Marcoliani. Pima Cotton is grown in special climates and has fine, extra-long fiber. A knit made with Pima Cotton looks smooth and glossy, and is pleasing to the touch. This cotton material is light, yet strong at the same time. This luxurious material makes your every-day socks feel fresh and pleasant, like a hidden luxury.

Merino Wool Socks

Marcoliani Extrafine Merino Wool socks blend traditional know-how with technical innovation. This sock material is so light and soft that is it appreciated in all climates, keeping you cool in warm temperatures and warm in cold temperatures. The properties of natural Merino Wool are made all the more special by working it according to a secret company “recipe”. Marcoliani Extrafine Merino socks improve with time, wear, and wash.

Cashmere Socks

Marcoliani cashmere is knitted with two proficiently twisted threads. The resulting knit is very fine, and it is sometimes interwoven with silk to make it even more delicate, shiny and soft. Called Supremo Cashmere because it has no equal, Marcoliani Cashmere socks are an authentic luxury meant not to be shown off, but to be felt on one’s own skin.