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Austen Heller Shoes began with the need for a pair of well-made casual loafers. Today, many men take pleasure in the versatility, style, and uncompromising quality of Austen Heller Shoes. Online customers are able to find a variety of Men's Austen Heller shoes and other stylish, casual loafers from premium brands based on very specific preferences at Please visit our Austen Heller Shoes Blog for the latest news and events for this great brand. We know you will enjoy the effortless style and comfort of Austen Heller Shoes.

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Austen Heller believes that looking good starts and ends with putting on a pair of well-made, high quality shoes.

In order to meet demanding standards for quality, Austen Heller shoes are made in family-run factories by European shoemakers that have been making the world's best footwear for generations. 

Effortless style requires shoes that are not only high quality, but comfortable, so that you don't hesitate to put them on. Austen Heller shoes are lined with calfskin and have extra-cushioned insoles to provide superior comfort so you can just put them on and forget about them. The traditional design of driving loafers is paired with a full sole to provide more durability and support than a standard driver.

We got tired of how beat up most driving shoes would get due to their flimsy sole, so we built Austen Heller loafers to be more substantial.

A Message from Austen Heller:

Our Story


It's as straightforward as that. I wanted a pair of well-made casual loafers that I could throw on for work, traveling, dining with my wife or even just watching football. Sure, there were options, but they all fell short in some way.

After contemplating this problem, I decided to tackle it myself. After many long design sessions and trips to and from Europe, Austen Heller was born. And in doing so I've discovered (thankfully) there are a lot of men out there like me who want an easy, elegant shoe they can throw on and have effortless style.

I didn't necessarily know I would end up in the footwear business, but I suppose this path represents the spirit of Austen Heller. It is the celebration of having the freedom to dictate where you want to go and enjoying where the road takes you. At its core, it's about taking pleasure in the journey and of course, looking good while doing it.

We hope you like the shoes.