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Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Samuel Hubbard Shoes began in Rochester, New Hampshire in 1930 with the Hubbard Shoe Company. Instead of rushing out new looks every six months, Samuel Hubbard shoes focus on premium quality and comfort. That's why you'll find uncompromising comfort and construction in every pair of Men's Samuel Hubbard Shoes at TheShoeMart.

Their signature style, the Hubbard Free is designed to take you effortlessly from work to play.

To learn more about how Samuel Hubbard takes the time to create handsome, quality comfort shoes, visit our Samuel Hubbard Shoes Blog. Don't compromise--look good and feel good in Samuel Hubbard Shoes

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10 Item(s)

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Samuel Hubbard Shoes at TheShoeMart

Samuel Hubbard shoes take the comfort of a sneaker and places it into great looking shoes appropriate for the office and beyond.

Anatomy of a Comfortable Walking Shoe

Leather Uppers: Soft leather uppers in smooth or nubuck finishes are durable and fashionable.

Full Leather Linings: Fully glove leather-lined all the way to the toe. Samuel Hubbard shoe linings are 'hung' inside the shoe rather than glued, for superior breathability.

Strong Stitching: Strong stitch-down construction provides stability and durability.

The Tongue: Leather-lined and softly-padded tongue evenly distributes lace tension across the instep.

The Padded Collar: A hidden padded collar means no hard points where the shoe contacts the foot.

Rocker Profile: A rocker profile sole design "rolls" your foot forward so your feet flex the shoe less often. Since your foot works less often, Samuel Hubbard shoes are less tiring to wear than traditional shoes.

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Insoles: Triple-density Hubbard insoles cushion your forefoot with memory foam and a veg-tanned leather top layer that wicks perspiration away and feels "silky" underfoot. Insoles are easily removeable for those that wish to use their own orthotics.

Pure Kevlar: A lightweight Kevlar shank provides arch support.

Heel Support: A fiber-reinforced heel counter and a cupped heel insole provide lateral heel support.

Resole-ability: Construction designed for ease of resoling with new Vibram® soles.

Custom Soles: Vibram® custom-made Morflex® sole: Vibram Morflex provides terrific shock absorption and will put some spring in your stride--and Samuel Hubbard shoes are 30% lighter weight than many other resole-able shoes.

History of Samuel Hubbard Shoes

In 1930, Samuel J. Katz began a small children’s shoe factory in Rochester, New Hampshire known as the Hubbard Shoe Company. Much like our own family business, the Hubbard family took pride in their footwear and their attention to the smallest details.

In 1973, like many other New England shoe factories, Hubbard Shoe closed its doors, but the Hubbard family did not give up. Samuel's son Saul and grandson Bruce began a new shoe business sourcing shoes from several small factoies in Brazil. Saul and Bruce went into these factories and taught the laborers how to make very high quality shoes and supervised the production under the new Katz family business, The Rockport Company.

In 2014, the Katz family launced the Samuel Hubbard Company, a family business that honored their long history of making comfortable, fine quality footwear. In this company, the Katz family is offering shoes of the very highest quality using the finest leathers from around the world. Fit and comfort are paramount in their designs, which have been worked on in Europe with some of the finest shoemakers in the world. As the third and fourth generation of a shoemaking family, the Samuel Hubbard company follows in the tradition of producing shoes that people love.

Samuel Hubbard shoes we make no compromises in comfort or craftsmanship. When there is a better method, it is done that way. When there is better leather or material, that is used. In presenting each new and innovative design, Samuel Hubbard shoes honors the past and what they have learned over the past 85 years.