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  1. Black
  1. Aberdeen
  2. Barrie
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Country of Manufacture
  1. Shell Cordovan
Toe Style
  1. Cap Toe
  2. Medallion Toe
  3. Moc Toe
  4. Plain Toe
  5. Split Toe
  6. Wing Tip

Alden Black Shell Cordovan Shoes

Alden Black Shell Cordovan shoes are made with a vegetable tanned leather that contains a greater amount of oils and natural waxes than your calfskin shoes. This means that you should not have to polish Alden Black Shell Cordovan shoes very often. Most of the time, all that is needed is a brush or cloth to remove dust and buff out scuffs. When you do polish your Alden Black Shell Cordovan shoes, use only a thin film of high quality polish. An excess amount of polish creates a build-up which hides the natural luster of the leather, is easily scratched, and attracts dust. Low quality polishes can actually harm the leather. We recommend using Alden's Black Paste Wax polish for a high shine. Once the polish has dried slightly, brush it off with a horsehair brush. Follow up with a final buffing using a soft cloth. The magic of Black Shell Cordovan leather is not only its beautiful luster and deep black color, but also its durability and comfort. The pure vegetable tanning process allows the leather to assume the shape of one's foot. With proper care, your Alden Black Shell Cordovan shoes will become one of your wisest and favorite investments.