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Blondo Shoes

Blondo Shoes

Blondo Boots introduced their first stylish, waterproof, leather boots in the mid 80's. Today, Blondo Boots are more stylish, functional, and durable than ever before thanks to a 2005 re-vamp and continued innovation. Blondo boots are easy to care for thanks to their high quality waterproof materials and seam-sealed construction. Find attractive and practical waterproof Men's Blondo Boots at

Please visit our Blondo Shoes Blog to learn more about these winter-ready waterproof boots. Water is no obstacle for Blondo Boots.

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8 Item(s)

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Blondo Boots at TheShoeMart

Blondo is a Canadian heritage brand that first introduced their line of stylish and waterproof leather boots in the mid 1980's. Blondo boots were re-designed in 2005 to increase function, fashion, and durability. Today, their continued passion for innovation, contemporary style, durability, and functionality set them apart in today's cold-weather footwear market.

How To Care for Your Blondo Boots:

Winter Footwear: All winter footwear from Blondo is authenticated with an AquaProtect® seal, indicating that the product is seam-seal constructed with high quality waterproof materials to protect against water infiltration and the effects of calcium and salt. Maintain your shoes easily by wiping off dirt and traces of salt or calcium to preserve the beauty of your Blondo boots and restore their finish.

Blondo's Recommendations for Cleaning Products:

Spray protectors can be used on most types of leather, suede and nubuck. It is strongly advised to try the product on a small surface before applying. Read all the directions on the product packaging and be sure that it is material-appropriate before applying. Spray protectors are recommended on leathers only if they are beginning to show signs of aging.

Shoe polish is adequate but cannot be used on suede and nubuck. A small suede brush can be efficient to clean suede or nubuck Blondo footwear.

Liquid silicones should not be used as they can penetrate the seams and neutralize the waterproof material used to seal seams. Moreover, liquid silicones can erase the leather finish and cause damage, such as soles burns.

Oils, such as mink oil, bear oil or synthetic oil are not recommended on our leathers. These products leave a greasy film, giving the aspect of broken or altered finish. Also, if these products penetrate the seams, they can neutralize the waterproof material used in the boot construction.

Cleaners or protectors in vaporizer bottle or pump are not recommended when applied directly on our leathers. These products are difficult to apply evenly, which can cause spots on leathers. If you must use one of these products, they should be applied on a cloth to clean the leather and you should try the product on a small surface to test before applying.