Alden Factory Seconds

As Alden's biggest retail partner, The Shoe Mart is the best place to find Alden Shoes Factory Seconds. Alden never discounts their products. But occasionally, minor defects and mistakes can happen while creating these masterpieces, resulting in Factory Seconds. At The Shoe Mart, we've partnered with Alden to give our customers the opportunity to purchase Alden Factory Seconds at a reduced price. Sign up for access to our stock of Alden Shoes Factory Seconds today.

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What Are Alden Factory Seconds?

Alden Factory Seconds, also known as Alden Irregulars, are items that didn't pass the Alden Shoe Company's quality control tests. The defects are typically minor cosmetic blemishes that would likely occur after regular wear.

Defects you'll experience with Alden Factory Seconds will never affect the fit or longevity of the product.

Functionally, Alden Factory Seconds are exactly the same as first-quality shoes from the Alden Factory Store. And, provided that you don't break the shoe last (creating creases where your foot has flexed) and walk on carpet, you can return them if you aren't happy with the quality.

Alden Shoes Factory Seconds

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To get access to our exclusive stock of Alden Factory Second shoes and boots, all you have to do is sign up. Once you provide us with your size, you'll receive a list of incoming Alden Factory Seconds whenever we get a new shipment. Find your favorite Alden Factory Store products today. Every pair of Alden Shoes Factory Seconds is genuinely one of a kind. Don't miss out.

Alden Factory Seconds

The Scoop On Alden Shoes Factory Seconds

Established in 1884, The Alden Shoe Company is the last original shoe and bootmaker out of New England. The company is world-renowned for its exceptional quality and timeless style – two factors that contribute to a high price tag. Alden Shoes are well worth the price, but we know not everyone can afford a pair, even if they will last for years. Factory Second shoes and boots are the best alternative when you can't afford a new pair straight from the Alden Factory Store. Alden Shoes Factory Seconds are often available for up to $300 less than a new pair and will last you just as long.

What Types of Alden Factory Seconds Can I Find?

At The Shoe Mart, we receive a fresh stock of Alden Boots and Shoes that qualify as Factory Seconds every few months. We never know what's coming or how large the shipment will be, so we can't guarantee what types of Alden Factory Seconds will be on the list.

Small mistakes or defects are common in shoe manufacturing, so The Shoe Mart customers have a good chance of finding the exact product they want for a deeply discounted price. We've sold everything from Alden Indy Boots to Wingtip Bluchers in the past – so you always have an opportunity to find the right Alden Factory Seconds in your size.

Common Defects You May See in Alden Factory Seconds

The defects found in Alden Factory Seconds are purely cosmetic and do not affect the overall quality of the shoe. Often, the faults are so minor they're nearly invisible from a distance. If you're thinking about purchasing a pair of Alden Shoes Factory Seconds, you may see slight cosmetic defects such as:

  • Minor Uneven Stitching
  • Slight Discoloration or Staining
  • Minute Scratches or Scuffs
  • Rough Edges on the Sole
  • Extra Cork (Which Can Be Removed)
  • Leftover Adhesive or Glue (Which Can Be Removed)

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