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Country of Manufacture

J.C. Cole Shoes, Belts, and Shoehorns

J.C. Cole Shoes, Belts, and Shoehorns

J.C. Cole Shoes and Belts are made with fine quality leather and other premium materials. J.C. Cole belts are made in the USA by America's finest beltmaker. J.C. Cole shoes are Goodyear welted and handcrafted to perfection. Online customers will find great-looking Men's J.C. Cole Shoes and matching J.C. Cole belts at

J.C. Cole Shoehorns are made in the USA with cold rolled American steel. At TheShoeMart, we carry a wide variety of J.C. Cole Shoehorns--shoehorns come in 3 different sizes and some are even personalized or wrapped in leather. Online customers can find Men's J.C. Cole Shoehorns for any occasion, from father's day to gifts for their favorite golfer. We have J.C. Cole shoehorns for Mom, too!

Please visit our J.C. Cole Shoehorns Blog to learn more and how they work. Preserve the integrity of your shoes today with J.C. Cole Shoehorns.


To learn more about J.C. Cole and about why you need a shoehorn, please visit our J.C. Cole Blog for information about construction and fit. We're confident that your new favorite wardrobe staples will be J.C. Cole Shoes and Belts.

JC Cole at TheShoeMart

JC Cole has become synonymous with fine quality at TheShoeMart. JC Cole Shoes, Belts, and Shoehorns are crafted with a combination of premium materials, great looks, and durable construction, making them wardrobe staples for years to come.

JC Cole Shoes

JC Cole shoes are crafted with premium materials and Goodyear welt construction for long-wearing durability and the ability to be re-soled and repaired, an increasingly rare quality in today’s shoe market.

Built to last, JC Cole shoes are made with premium materials such as hand-finished Italian calfskin uppers, American cow leather linings, American veg-tanned leather insoles, and double oak bend leather outsoles. Genuine Goodyear Welt construction with 360º leather storm welts allows the shoe to be re-soled for an extended shoe life. A long-wearing McAfee heel (three-piece dovetail heel) is composed of a stacked leather heel and top lift with a rubber insert and is also repairable. A hardened steel shank surrounded by a layer of natural cork and a precision-milled leather midsole add underfoot support to keep you comfortable all day long.

Sold exclusively in the USA at TheShoeMart and

JC Cole Men's Fine Leather Belts

JC Cole Belts are made from Americas's finest beltmaker, using American premium quality leather that will stand the test of time. Find the perfect belt to match your shoes right here at TheShoeMart.

JC Cole Shoehorns

All JC Cole Professional Shoehorns are made with US sourced cold rolled steel that is perfectly shaped and finished using high tech procedures by US workers. This ensures that this is the best shoehorn on the market today! You'll be able to see and feel the difference with the smooth edges and stylish finishes. You won't be disappointed! Made in the USA.