Pantherella Socks Men's Zamami Long Anklet 535578-003 Olive

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Long Anklet socks are slightly longer to ensure there is no show of the leg with shorter trousers.
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Standard "Long Anklet" Sock
Sea Island Cotton - 61% Sea Island Cotton; 39% Nylon
Pantherella's Signature 'Seamless' Toe.
Fine Gauge (200-stitch)
Strong as silk, as soft as cashmere and as durable as wool.
Fine summer check design

Part of the Pantherella Luxury collection, the Zamami Sea island socks bring together the exclusive and highly sought-after Sea Island Cotton to keep you cool throughout spring summer 2020. These socks are premium from the yarn through to Pantherella's unrivalled hand-finished quality. The ultimate in luxury hosiery, this rare and expensive raw material has the longest and finest cotton staple available which gives it its characteristic durability and silky, shiny look. The Zamami socks are infinitely wearable, at home paired with sharp business suiting or partnered with jeans and casual footwear.


All Pantherella socks have a care label on their packaging. Please follow these instructions very carefully. Wash socks inside out at as low a temperature as possible. Do not tumble dry and use a material-appropriate and color-safe detergent. Where a hand wash is indicated please make this at a cool hand temperature. Rinse them in clear water and finally treat them with a little of your favourite fabric softener to recondition the yarns – re-lubricating and adding softness to allow a little more stretch or comfort.