Swims Men's Classic Galosh 11101-036 Red

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The SWIMS galosh protects your favorite leather shoes--and your reputation for style.
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Waterproof Shoe Protection.
Classic SWIMS Galosh in Red.
Natural rubber.
Flocked inner layer for protection and smooth on and off.
*Do not wear with suede shoes.
Anti-slip grip bottom.

The SWIMS revitalized galosh transforms the traditional overshoe from a purely practical utility product into a classy lifestyle item. The foundation of the SWIMS brand, this classic galosh is now a dealy valued part of the wardrobe for the style-conscious gentleman. A flocked inner layer acts as a natural buffer and helps polish your shoes each time you wear them. It also allows you to smoothly put the galoshes on and easily take them off. The anti-slip grip sole keeps you on your feet while the sleek style keeps everyone else on their toes.


***Do not wear with suede shoes.***

SWIMS galoshes are made of natural rubber. To clean: use a silicone spray and sponge to gently clean the surface of your galoshes to renew their shine and help remove scratches.