Ed's Workbench: Cleaning Up Some Indy Boots

Posted by Liz J. on Aug 9th 2019

Ed's Workbench: Cleaning Up Some Indy Boots

Ed works some serious magic on Alden shoes -- and sometimes all a pair needs is a little love to make it like-new again. 

Photos from Ed's Workbench

Take for example,the pair of Alden Indy boots below. You can see the condition of the tongues, toes and heels. 


After snapping these two photos at 12:04 PM, I left our warehouse and headed back upstairs to my office to do what I do best. Meanwhile, Ed took this pair over to his work bench. 

Less than half an hour later, I get an e-mail from Ed with the photos below. 


Our warehouse isn't a photo studio, but I think the photos speak for themselves. With proper care, Alden shoes can last a lifetime. 

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