What Makes Alden Boots So Special?

Posted by Liz J. on Jan 30th 2018

Perhaps you’ve heard of the myth, the legend, and the glory of the all-praised Alden brand. If you haven’t, be prepared for a wonderful journey through an American staple. Since their founding in 1884 by Charles H. Alden, Alden has been producing fine quality New England made shoes, handcrafted right out of Middleborough, Massachusetts. New England is known for their manufacturing roots, and Alden battled through the Great Depression with nothing but the extraordinary products that they sell. With the ingenuity that kept them afloat, Alden has developed a name in orthopedically correct lasts and stellar quality dress shoes. As the last survivor of the original New England shoe and boot making industry, Alden is still a family-owned business that dishes out incredible products to this very day.

The Shoe Mart Knows Alden
The Shoe Mart is well aware of the history of the products that we carry, and Alden is one of our all time favorites. Famous for their widely sought out shoes and boots, Alden provides the kind of quality that you and your feet will truly relish. With an exuberant array of products to choose from, it’s hard to make a decision without some guidance. For some, those slick Alden Boots are popping right out of the picture and onto their feet. For others, the sheer number of options can be quite daunting. Allow the experts at The Shoe Mart to help you make an informed decision on which Alden product is perfect for your lifestyle.

We’re sure that you’ve heard of the famous Indy Boot, but do you know where it got its name? These boots were actually popularized by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films, earning them the Indy Boot title. Originally, the legendary Alden 405 was intended as a work boot, but gained leeway in the eyes of the fashion world as well. That’s a beneficial combination, too, because these are some of the comfiest boots ever created. Designed for Alden’s “Foot Balance System” shoe line, Indy Boots have added support due to long inside counters and special support “Thomas” heels. Made from full-grain cowhide leather, you also benefit from looking incredible while you wear them. As far as durability goes, well, just ask Indiana Jones. These shoes kick right back against the elements, and The Shoe Mart can show you the best methods of upkeep to ensure the longest lasting durability possible for your Alden Boots.

One of the best qualities of Indy Boots is the selection. You aren’t limited to one type of boot; plenty of colors and styles are available. The classic is the 405, but the Color 8 Cordovan Indy Boot is absolutely stunning. This comes with commando soles and heels, and Alden’s master craftsman finishes all Alden shell cordovan shoes. You can count on quality, as these shoes are world renowned for their pure vegetable tanning and hand finishing methods that are centuries old. The ending result is incredibly durable leather that is also gentle and flexible. The longer you wear them, the better they adjust to the contours of your feet, providing maximum comfort. The Color 8 Cordovan Indy Boot is a shining gem amongst the ranks of Alden’s glory.

We wouldn’t be serving you any justice at all if we didn’t mention that Alden made a special edition shoe just for The Shoe Mart. That’s right, any Bootmaker Edition shoes on our site are made just for us with our customers in mind. We’ll fill you in on the Bootmaker Edition 9 Eyelet Boot, one of the most gorgeous hand sewn boots that exists in this world or the next. With a 360-degree welt, a plantation crepe sole, and on the Barrie last, you really can’t go wrong. It also features a hand-stitched Norwegian Split Toe as well as 9 eyelets painted to match the Brown Chromexcel leather. We’ll give you some breathing room. We cried the first time, too.

Sure, Alden Boots are the kind of luxury that any man desires, but what of their shoes? Well, what would you expect from the best in the business? Check out another Bootmaker Edition, the Handsewn 5 Eyelet Blucher Oxford with Dark Tan Calfskin. We hear that every time you mention its name, an angel gets its wings. These beautiful shoes come with the same quality as the 9 Eyelet Boot, but you get the glorious Dark Tan calfskin leather upper and Moc Toe detail sewn in. Not only this, but a 360 Degree Storm Welt, Flex oil tanned leather sole, and Van last provide that traditional dress quality that Alden thrives upon and gives you the choice of casual wear as well. That’s a shoe that you can depend upon.

How Can The Shoe Mart Help You?
Now that you’ve browsed some of our suggestions for your first Alden adventure, take a look at the rest of our selection. You’ll recognize the same astounding quality in all of our products, and that’s because The Shoe Mart has been dealing in high quality shoes and boots since 1956. We know what it’s like to slip on a brand new pair of exceptional footwear, and we’re proud to deliver that feeling to all of our happy customers. Contact our customer service team today, and let’s see if we can steer you towards the shoes that are right for you.

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