What's in a Name: The Alden Traveler Boot

Posted by Liz J. on Feb 25th 2019

Our Alden D8709 "Traveler" Boot

We recently decided to re-name our Alden x TSM Custom Bootmaker Edition D8709. Why? Read below.


What's in a Name? 

Our first communications with Alden about this boot referred to it as a "Double Gore" slip-on, so that's how we named it when it was created.

Upon further inspection, we found the name confusing, so we decided to change it something friendly to our customers.

What is a "Double Gore"?

In footwear, "gore" most often refers to an elastic strip or panel, either hidden or visible, placed over the vamp of a shoe to provide a secure fit. "Gore panels" on Chelsea boots are the elastic panels that make this slip-on boot iconic.  

In the case of the D8709, the elastic is hidden as to not take away from the look of sleek shell cordovan leather. Other casual slip-on shoes, such as our Olukai slip ons, may display the elastic on the outside of the shoe. This decision of internal or external placement is typically an aesthetic one, with internal placement being the more formal choice.

Is This Boot a "Double Gore"

Typically, we use the term "dual gore" to explain casual shoes with a gore panel on either side. We find the term "double gore" a bit confusing when it comes to dress shoes. In the D8709, the gore refers to a single elastic strip at the vamp of the boot. 

A single monk shoe features one buckle, while a double monk features two. This being, we find referring to a boot with one elastic strip as "double gore" is a bit confusing. We considered naming the boot "single gore," but we realized that many customers are not familiar with the term gore at all. 

In this case, we found dubbing this the "Traveler Boot" the most efficient--and accurate--solution.

Why is it Called the Alden Traveler Boot?

This Alden boot slips on and off, making it ideal for the traveler or "man-on-the-go"!  Additionally, the height of this boot makes it extremely versatile. Hitting slightly lower than Alden's chukka boot, the Traveler boot can be worn in any situation in which you'd typically wear a Plain Toe Blucher, but would prefer a slip-on boot!