Finding the Perfect Crockett and Jones Fit: A Full Shoe Fitting Guide

Finding the Perfect Crockett and Jones Fit: A Full Shoe Fitting Guide

Jan 15th 2024

Since the company's establishment in 1879, Crockett & Jones shoes have stood as a paragon of British shoemaking excellence, upholding a heritage rich in traditional craftsmanship and quality. This esteemed brand combines time-honored techniques with modern design, ensuring each pair of shoes exudes elegance and unparalleled durability. A comprehensive shoe fitting guide can help you get the most out of your Crockett & Jones shoes.

This article will provide a Crockett & Jones size guide and review tips for proper shoe sizing.

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The Crockett & Jones Last and Proper Shoe Sizing

The Crockett & Jones last lies at the core of the company's fitting philosophy. A last is a three-dimensional form used in shoe construction that shapes the shoe's fit and style. Each last, with its distinct contour and dimensions, imparts unique characteristics to the shoe, influencing not just its aesthetic but also how it fits around the foot. Crockett & Jones shoes boast a variety of lasts, each designed to cater to different foot shapes and style preferences. From the classic round-toe of the 325 last to the elongated elegance of the 348 last, understanding these lasts is vital to finding the perfect Crockett & Jones shoe that feels like it's been made just for you.

Many lasts, like the 224 and 228, fit true to size. Others, such as the 200, fit a half-size smaller.

Crockett & Jones Shoes

Determining Your Crockett & Jones Shoe Size

To ensure a perfect fit with Crockett & Jones shoes, it's crucial to measure your foot size accurately. Your Crockett & Jones shoe size depends mainly on the length of your foot, although you also need to consider your foot's width. Follow this handy shoe fitting guide to ensure the proper Crockett & Jones size and fit.

1. Assemble Your Materials

Besides your feet, you'll need a pencil, two sheets of 8.5-inch-by-11.75-inch paper, a ruler with metric markings and a wall to butt your feet up against. Be sure to wear close-fitting socks similar to what you would wear with your shoes.

2. Place the Paper and Your Foot

Butt the paper up against the wall, laying it flat on the floor. Place your foot in the middle of the paper with your heel against the wall. Make sure you have your pencil in hand before placing your foot.

3. Trace Your Foot

Keeping your pencil as vertical as possible, trace your foot. It's more challenging than it sounds, so don't be surprised if it takes a few tries.

4. Outline Your Footprint

Take your foot off the paper, and use your ruler to make straight, vertical lines on each side of your foot and a horizontal line across the top of your foot. Make a third vertical line connecting the top of your foot to the bottom of the paper. Make another horizontal line across the widest part of your foot. These two lines should make a cross.

5. Measure

Using your ruler, measure the vertical line of the cross and then the horizontal line in centimeters. Repeat all five steps using your other foot. You now have the measurements necessary to identify the right Crockett & Jones sizing for your foot. Generally, your U.S. shoe size will be one size larger than your Crockett & Jones U.K. size. If you wear a U.S. size 10, you'll likely need a Crockett & Jones U.K. size 9. Some lasts, such as the 325, 314, 376 and 375, require just a half-size down.

Shoe Type and the Proper Crockett & Jones Fit

Crockett & Jones shoes come in diverse styles, each crafted to meet different aesthetic and functional needs. You can find classic Crockett & Jones Oxfords, versatile Derbys, and elegant Crockett & Jones Loafers, each with distinctive features suited to various events. Crockett & Jones boots are another excellent choice for any occasion.

The materials used, such as supple calf leather and soft suede, play a crucial role in the Crockett & Jones fit. Calf leather molds to the foot over time, offering a personalized fit, while suede provides flexibility and a relaxed feel. Understanding the interplay between style and material helps in selecting a shoe that looks great and feels comfortable too.

Crockett and Jones Shoes

Shoe Fitting Guide Tips

Any shoe fitting guide would be incomplete without tips for various types of feet. For those with specific foot conditions or uncommon foot shapes, paying extra attention to shoe selection is essential. Crockett & Jones offers a variety of styles designed to accommodate different foot types.

For wider feet, Crockett & Jones shoes with a broader toe box are advisable. Oxfords and loafers are frequently good choices for people with low arches. If you have high arches, Derbys, Monk Straps or Derby Boots offer the extra room you need across your instep. Loafers with the band lower down the foot also can be a comfortable fit for people with a high instep. If you have a narrow heel but a wider tread, you may want to try the 363 last from Crockett & Jones's Hand Grade Collection or the 375, 376, 378 and 379 from its Main Collection.

Choosing shoes that align with your foot's unique contours is crucial, ensuring comfort and avoiding potential discomfort. Remember, the right shoe can significantly affect foot health and comfort.

Shoe Fitting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Crockett & Jones Shoes

The vast global footwear market, valued at $387.7 billion, can be confusing. But The Shoe Mart is a trusted, tried-and-true source of information. Read the following for the answers you need about Crockett & Jones shoes.

Do Crockett & Jones Run Big or Small?

The U.K. size of Crockett & Jones shoes is usually about a size smaller than the U.S. size.

How Much Room Should You Have in a Shoe?

You should generally have one finger's width between your shoe tip and the top of your longest toe.

Is Heel Slip Common with Crockett & Jones Shoes?

Some heel slip is to be expected with new Crockett & Jones Shoes. This will disappear as the shoes mold to the contours of your feet.

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