Crockett & Jones: History, Value and Style

Crockett & Jones: History, Value and Style

Mar 29th 2023

When it comes to quality handmade leather shoes for men, few brands match the reputation and legacy of Crockett & Jones shoes. With over 140 years of experience in crafting footwear, Crockett & Jones has become synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and timeless style.

In this article, we'll look closer at Crockett & Jones' history and the value of their shoes, exploring why they're so revered by footwear enthusiasts worldwide.

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Crockett & Jones' History

Crockett & Jones' history is long and storied. Founded in 1879 by Charles Jones and his brother-in-law James Crockett, the company started as a small shoe factory in Northampton, England. Crockett & Jones quickly established a reputation for producing high-quality, handmade men's shoes using traditional techniques and became a favorite among discerning customers.

Over the years, Crockett & Jones expanded its operations and product line, introducing new styles and materials while remaining committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship. The company is still based in Northampton and remains family-owned and operated, with the fifth generation of the founding family involved in the business.

The Value of Crockett & Jones

So what makes Crockett & Jones so special? Many factors contribute to their enduring appeal and value, from their quality construction to their timeless style.


Perhaps the most defining feature of Crockett & Jones shoes is their exceptional craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is made using time-honored techniques refined over generations, ensuring that every detail is executed flawlessly.

From selecting the finest leathers and materials to stitching each seam by hand, the company puts thought and care into every detail of its English-made shoes. Crockett & Jones shoes are a testament to the skill and dedication of the artisans who make them. The outcome is handmade leather shoes that not only look and feel great, but are also built to last for years or even decades.

Crockett & Jones Shoes


Crockett & Jones is renowned for using only the highest-quality leather and materials. Whether it's the supple calfskin used for their dress shoes or their country boots' rugged pebble grain leather, each material is carefully chosen for its durability, comfort and style.

One material that sets Crockett & Jones shoes apart is oak-bark-tanned leather. This traditional tanning method involves steeping the hides in a solution of oak bark for up to two years, resulting in a leather that is incredibly strong, supple and breathable. It also gives the leather a unique depth and richness of color that only improves with age.


Of course, no discussion of Crockett & Jones would be complete without mentioning their timeless style. From classic dress shoes to rugged boots, Crockett & Jones offers a wide range of styles that are versatile, elegant and always in fashion.

One of the defining features of Crockett & Jones shoes is their sleek, elegant silhouette. Whether it's the tapered shape of their oxford dress shoes or the streamlined profile of their chukka boots, each shoe is designed to flatter the foot and create a refined, polished look.

At the same time, Crockett & Jones shoes are never flashy or ostentatious. Instead, they rely on subtle details like brogueing or contrasting stitching to add interest and personality without overwhelming the overall design. The result is footwear that is understated, timeless and always in good taste.

Creating Crockett & Jones Shoes

More than 200 operations go into the creation of Crockett & Jones shoes. Here are the primary steps involved in making a pair of these handmade leather shoes for men:

  1. Pattern cutting — The company's design team creates each shoe design, taking inspiration from an array of sources, including historical archives, fashion trends and customer feedback.
  2. Clicking — Leather is selected for the upper and lining of the shoe and then cut into various pieces using a pattern. These pieces are then sorted according to size and color.
  3. Closing — This step incorporates numerous operations. The components of the upper are sewn together by hand, a process called closing. This involves stitching the shoe's front, back and sides together using waxed thread and a curved needle.
  4. Preparation — The Preparation team gathers the heel, sole and other necessary components for a complete pair of shoes.
  5. Lasting — The upper is pulled over the last and attached to other components. The leather is stretched and molded to the shape of the last, and the edges are trimmed to create a clean finish.
  6. Making — The sole is then attached to the shoe using Goodyear welting, which involves stitching a welt to the upper and then attaching the sole to the welt. This creates a sturdy and flexible bond between the upper and the sole.
  7. Finishing — The Finishing team performs several tasks, such as bottom scouring, heel scouring, edge trimming and edge staining.
  8. Shoe room — The shoe is hand polished, carefully checked and expertly laced. Each pair is wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a shoe box with a dust bag and care instructions.

Crockett & Jones: The James Bond Shoe

Crockett & Jones shoes have gained widespread recognition for appearing in various James Bond movies. In "Skyfall," Bond (played by Daniel Craig) wears the Tetbury chukka boot, as well as the Alex, the Highbury and the Islay. In "Spectre," he sports the Camberley double monk strap shoe, along with the Northcote, Norwich, Radnor and Swansea. The Alex also makes another appearance. Bond wears two Crockett & Jones shoes in "No Time to Die" — the Highbury again and the Molton chukka boot.

These sleek and stylish shoes perfectly capture the sophisticated, understated aesthetic of James Bond, making them a natural fit for the character's wardrobe. Their reputation as the James Bond shoes has helped to solidify Crockett & Jones' status as a luxury brand that embodies timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crockett & Jones

From their exceptional craftsmanship to their use of only the finest materials, Crockett & Jones shoes are genuinely in a class of their own. Whether you're looking for a classic pair of dress shoes for the office or a rugged pair of boots for the outdoors, Crockett & Jones offers the perfect blend of style, quality and durability. Read on to learn more about these outstanding handmade leather shoes.

Who Wears Crockett & Jones?

A broad range of people, including celebrities, business professionals and footwear enthusiasts, wear Crockett & Jones. Many well-known figures, including Daniel Craig, David Beckham and Prince William, have been spotted wearing these handmade men's shoes.

Why Are Crockett & Jones So Expensive?

Crockett & Jones shoes are no more expensive than other high-end, handmade footwear. Their price reflects the craftsmanship and quality of materials that go into the shoes, as well as the company's eight-week manufacturing process. Crockett & Jones footwear is a good investment, considering they last 10 years or longer.

Are Crockett & Jones Made in England?

Yes. For more than 140 years, Crockett & Jones shoes have been handcrafted at the company's Northampton, England, facility. They're true English-made shoes featuring unparalleled style and value.

Why Buy Crockett & Jones Shoes?

From firsthand experience, we can say that Crockett & Jones shoes are worth the investment. Our co-owner, Joe Zapatka, has personally tested all the Crockett & Jones styles we sell or are considering selling. In his expert estimation, the shoes live up to their reputation and offer an unbeatable combination of quality, style and fit. The brand's heritage and consistency of quality are unparalleled.

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