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Shell Cordovan

Shell Cordovan

Alden Shell Cordovan shoes are made with Genuine Shell Cordovan leather from the famous Horween Tannery in Chicago. Horween Shell Cordovan is one of the most exclusive luxury good materials on the leather market today. An Alden shoe made with shell cordovan leather will last a very long time. A well-cared-for pair of shell cordovan shoes can last for generations and be passed down from father to son.

Shell Cordovan leather is an extremely durable, scuff-resistant leather that takes a high shine. It comes from an oval-shaped ligament from the flank of a horse, which gives it unique properties. The tanning process for Horween Shell Cordovan is complex and takes at least six months to complete. The time and skill required for the tanning process of genuine shell cordovan and Alden's durable construction methods make Alden Shell Cordovan shoes quite special.

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